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Cyber Crime Complaint Letter Format In English 3+

Cyber Crime Complaint Letter Format

Cyber crime complaint letter format is very important in our modern life. In the technological era, everybody has social media account and bank account. We use ATM cards and different types of applications and net banking for money transactions. Behind these activities, scams are being occurred silently. Hackers control our social media account and steal our secret document from our mobile phone but we can not know anything. If we want to protect from such type of scam we take help from the cybercrime police. In this reason, they tell us to lodge an F.I.R. At present, writing applications is a very hard matter for the young generations. So I have presented 3 Cyber Crime Complaint Letter formats in my blog to solve this problem.

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Cyber Crime Complaint Letter Format
Cyber Crime Complaint Letter

Social Media Related Complaint Application Format

Format No. 01


The I.C

Cybercrime  Police Station                                        [Date: …/…./…..



          Subject: [Name of the topic]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

           With due respect, I beg to state that I am ____________ [Name of the appiciant] resident of ___________ [Address]. I am compelled to report you that ____________[Reason of complaint]. I have enclosed all the required documents related to this matter.

[You can write more sentences]

           Therefore I request you to investigate this matter and take legal action against the culprit as soon as possible.

Thanking you

                                                                                Yours sincerely


                                                                                Mobile Number: 

Letter Writing Format About Cyber World By Prakash

Format No. 02


The sub-inspector

Cybercrime cell,

[Name of the police station]                                  Date: 00/00/00



          Subject: [Name of the Topic]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

              I, ____________[Name], a resident of village/town: __________[Village/town name], P.O: ________ [Name of post office] P.S: __________ [Name of police station], Dist: __________ [Name of dist]. Hereby I inform you that _________________ [Write reason of complaint letter].

          I request you to take strict action against the accused who occurred __________ [Name of the topic] me and report it to your cyber crime department.

Thanking you

                                                                                Yours faithfully


Complaint Letter Format Relevant Bank

Format No.03


The Police Superintendent

[Name of the police station]                             Date: 00/00/00

[Name of the dist]

            Subject: Request for [name of the topic]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

       With the best regard I would like to intimate you that I am an account holder [A/c no. 000000000000] of _________ bank. Today I discovered that ___________[Reason of complaint]. But I herein fervently inform you that I have not ___________ [Write what you want to say about it].

      I, therefore, would pray to your goodness for looking into the matter for recovering the afore-cited money and thereby I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking you

                                                                         Yours faithfully

                                                                       Your name

                                                                       Contact Number


What is Cyber Crime?

In a word, to do any operation in a wrong way taking the benefit of technology is called cybercrime. There is no definition of cybercrime. But when any person does act in an illegal way using technology, it is considered a white color crime.

Cyber cell departments are always ready to deal with cyber complaints throughout India.

The Government has arranged both online and offline complaints. Nowadays, the number of cybercrime is increasing.

Kinds of cybercrime

There are many cyber crimes that have been identified in the cyber world. Hacking, online theft, blackmailing, misuse of photos and videos of a person without permission and so on are also crimes.

How to file a Complaint to Cyber Crime online?

At first, go to website and then click on the “Other cyber crimes” menu next click on “File a complaint” and then read the terms and conditions and accept them. After that register your mobile number and fill-up the form. Fill in the relevant details about the offence.

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Guys, I hope you have got the right information and could have understood “Cyber Crime Complaint Letter Format”.