Autobiography of a Tree 600 Words

Write an autobiography of a tree in about 600 words in English.

Autobiography of a Tree can be written by flowing the points. I have given the points below so that you can use it and write sentences. Autobiography of a Tree

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  • Introducing a tree
  • First time of a tree
  • Holy tree
  • Greedy humans and the tree
  • Thought of a tree
  • Pollution harms the tree
  • Giving shelter
  • Pride of the tree

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Autobiography of a Tree

Introducing a tree:

I feel proud to be a tree and useful to passersby. I am a big, old, tall, and imposing banyan tree. Many years ago, I was planted by a nice and kind gentleman beside the road. When I was just a small plant, he came to water me every day.  I grew healthy as that gentleman used water regularly and talked to me. There are very few plants around me.

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First time of a tree:

Many years before, when was a young plant, the environment was fresh and clean. There was no pollution. I was brought up in a happy environment. As I grew old and thick, people came and rest under me for a while and leave. I feel nice when people at different times came under my shade to protect themselves from heat, sun and rain. My life becomes interesting when I hear all sorts of conversations with the people who come.

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Holy tree: 

It is a wonderful feeling to be so loved and cared for and, above all, be so honoured and respected. This is given to me as a section of the Indian society considered me a holy tree to be worshipped.

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Greedy Humans and the Tree:

I had a few friends around me to talk to, many other trees, that were cut down from time to time and now this roadside has been converted to a national highway by humans. On the roadside, we trees were of great help to humans by giving fresh air to breathe, controlling moisture in the air, holding the soil, providing them with our extract, of which they made medicine and so on. Looks like these humans got greedy and cut down all my friends for their own purpose. Today, I stand alone in the middle of the park and cannot be of as much help as I was with my friends together.

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Thought of a tree:

I’m worried about the possibility that as different trees were chopped somewhere near men, they will cut me too for their own purpose. I feel miserable that man doesn’t comprehend that trees are of incredible assistance to them and man can’t survive without trees, still he is hurting us. We serve them even after we pass on, however, people don’t pay attention to us.

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Pollution harms the tree:

People are likewise alarming me a great deal from the contamination that they make out from their vehicles. I feel depleted and tired breathing that dirtied air, yet, I inhale out clean air for people. In summers, however, I stand in the outrageous intensity and give the safe house to passer-byes, it is becoming challenging for me to make due as there is no water for me. I continue to sit tight for the downpours that have truly become scant. Every one of these is going on because of human exercises of self-centred thought processes disregarding the hurtful impacts on the climate. In this manner, I demand people be more empathetic towards the climate, particularly trees. They should that we are the regular endowment of God to them and that they can’t underestimate us. We offer them a ton and as a trade-off, they simply hurt us.

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Giving shelter:

My main expectation which encourages me is birds that come and sit on me and sing their sweet tunes. I anticipate nights when the birds will come and sit on me. I feel better when the bird makes homes on me. I’m the home to a large number. Individuals come here to walk, however, no one is discussing with me.

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Pride of the tree:

Today, I remain steadfast with incredible pride as I am serving people and yet, I am anxious about the possibility that I won’t pass on all alone. Someone will come one day, hurt me and kill me. Assuming man lets us live here, we will make Earth a delightful spot and make their lives significantly more gorgeous.

This is an Autobiography of a Tree or Banyan Tree.

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