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The Global Warming Essay

Essay on Global Warming in about 1500 Words

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Here I have presented an essay on global warming about 1500 words.  You can make sentences using the points that have been given below. 

Essay on Global Warming Points

  • Introduction
  • Cause or reason for global warming
  • Natural causes of global warming
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Different Gases
  • Population Explosion
  • Result of Global Warming
  • Impact on Sea
  • Effect on Animals and Plants
  • Imbalance
  • Evaporating
  • Alarming About It
  • Use Alternate
  • What should I do
  • Forestation
  • Conclusion

Essay on Global Warming 

Write An Essay on Global Warming With The Help Of Some Points


Global warming is defined as the increase in the overall warming of our planet Earth.  The warming is because of the climb in temperature of the world’s climate. The temperature of the earth is expanding primarily because of regular and unnatural reasons. Today, an Earth-wide temperature boost is the greatest and more grounded challenge that the world is confronting. It affects biodiversity and the climatic state of the planet. It is additionally a significant ecological issue for every one of the nations influencing practically every one of the living creatures, nature, and climate and turning into a danger to our planet Earth.

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Cause or reason for global warming

The reasons for unnatural weather changes are quite large number. Predominantly the reason for the change in the temperature of the earth’s climate is discharging from human exercises, petroleum products, industry, and farming cycles brought about by the human, regular and different gas outflows.

Essay on Global Warming
Essay on Global Warming
Natural causes of global warming

The regular causes incorporate ‘the nursery impact. This implies that the gases make the earth sweltering by engrossing warm radiation from the sun. These gases don’t allow the radiation to escape from the Earth. This expands the temperature of the earth. The nursery impact is answerable for the expansion in temperature from one side of the planet to the other. The increase in temperature upsets the downpour cycle, the environmental equilibrium, the pattern of seasons, and so forth. It unfavourably influences vegetation and horticulture.

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Carbon Dioxide

Another reason is carbon dioxide (CO2) which is a significant constituent of the climate and is causing a warming impact on the world’s surface. It is delivered by the utilization of synthetic compounds, which is the main justification behind unnatural weather changes. Elevated degrees of carbon dioxide trap heat in the air. The level is supposed to ascend in the future because of progress. The pace of rising will rely to a great extent upon unsure monetary, humanistic, mechanical, and normal turns of events. All human exercises, all things considered, like utilizing vehicles, and consuming fuel bring about expanding carbon dioxide discharges. Since carbon dioxide emanations come from the consumption of gas in the gas-powered motors of vehicles and it additionally comes from the consumption of non-renewable energy sources like oil, petroleum gas, and coal with the end goal of power age.

Different Gases

Different gases like methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), nitrous oxide, and ozone are likewise answerable for an unnatural weather change. The pace of regular methane is higher than methane from industry and normal methane is ice-like blends on the ocean bottom. Drying water can increment methane on the earth. At the point when methane gets away from the ocean, it can exist for quite a while in the air and can become carbon dioxide. To control the climb in temperature from carbon dioxide, we ought to establish an ever-increasing number of trees. Trees assume a critical part of the worldwide carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide is breathed in by trees and thusly, the tree breathes out new oxygen. This controls the temperature by going up.

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Population Explosion:

 Population explosion is providing accelerations this menace of global warming. Human population increment beyond a limit puts undue pressure on global resources and to feed the needs, we have to overstretch our capacities of production. This requires more consumption of electricity and more burning of fuels. Both these factors add to more emission of carbon dioxide into the environment and the climate gets changed. Thus, the root of the problem is not the emissions themselves but the demands of burning more fuels and producing more of electricity caused by the human population explosion. Humans are progressing seems to be an irony as this progress is towards our devastation, unbridled by us. Therefore, we are rushing fast towards the end of the planet Earth as an abode of life.

Population explosion is giving speed increases to this threat of an unnatural weather change. Essay on Global WarmingHuman population increase past a breaking point comes down on worldwide assets and to take care of the requirements, we need to overextend our abilities of creation. This requires more utilization of power and more consumption of fills. Both these elements add to the additional emanation of carbon dioxide into the climate and the environment gets risked. Hence, the foundation of the issue isn’t the actual outflows but the requests of consuming more fills and creating a greater amount of power brought about by the human populace blast. People are advancing is by all accounts an incongruity as this advancing is towards our obliterations, unrestrained by us. Consequently, we are surging quickly towards the finish of the planet Earth as a homestead of life.

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Result of Global Warming:

The increase in the temperature of the earth prompts numerous different issues. Numerous parasites and bugs prosper in water as a result of intensity. This prompts a couple of death-causing infections like jungle fever, dengue, and so on. Hence, human existence is getting impacted by an Earth-wide temperature boost to a great extent.

Impact on Sea:

A few current trends clearly demonstrate that global warming is directly impacting rising sea levels, the melting of ice caps and significant worldwide climate changes. Because of the rising intensity on the earth, numerous icy masses are softening. This is expanding the ocean level influencing the waterfront districts. The ascent in ocean levels is a significant reason for concern. Countless urban communities situated in seaside regions will lower in the ocean. Moreover, numerous island nations will eventually lose their reality and will be washed away from the outer layer of the earth.

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Effect on Animals and Plants:

Animals and plants are also finding it difficult to cope up with these temperature changes. Species after species of both flora and fauna might disappear from the face of the earth because of global warming.


Unfortunately, the imbalance which we have created between our life and the earth is already showing the signs of disasters in the form of floods, cyclones, landslides, tsunamis, droughts, etc., and these disasters are becoming increasingly frequent all over the world. If the imbalance continues to rise, it will prove to be a major threat to our planet Earth. Global warming is also a great threat to the flora and fauna of the earth. A large number of species of them may become extinct.


Due to severe increase in the temperature, the oceans are evaporating which leads to heavy rains, very severe storms, melting of glaciers which again lead to floods. In all, the water cycle is getting disturbed.

Alarming About It:

Globally, people have been alarmed about the critical situation the world is facing. The world will come to an end if we do not take appropriate measures to control global warming. A lot of damage has already been brought about by this phenomenon. In addition, as the inhabitants of this planet, it is our duty and responsibility to repair the damaging effects of global warming. The public awareness campaign can be of great help in this regard because unless each and every individual is aware only the government effect can not bring desired difference. Many nations have joined hands together in solving this challenge. Major steps are being taken on an international and individual basis.

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Use Alternate:

Internationally, cars and other vehicles should use alternate energy sources like electrical charge or solar power. Vehicles, buildings, appliances, etc., must display high standards of energy efficiency. The use of fuel-efficient vehicles should be promoted as these vehicles have lower emissions of harmful gases.

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What should I do:

We should try and minimize the use of plastic in our day-to-day lives. In many places, the use of plastic bags has been already banned. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are the call of the time. Machines working through solar power save a lot of energy. Many industries are fixing up windmills to generate energy. It is high time that we must follow an environmental policy of reducing, reusing and recycling. We must use reusable products as much as possible.

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Lastly, forestation can be of great help in this regard. Planting more trees will help restore the imbalance. This will contribute largely to maintaining the temperature on this earth. It will also control the level of carbon dioxide on the earth. Trees play a significant role in the global carbon cycle. They are the largest land-based mechanism for removing carbon dioxide from the air. Many promotional campaigns are conducting exercises of planting new trees to keep the planet earth green.

Global warming is a serious issue that has brought the world together to fight against it. Therefore, it becomes our duty to contribute to saving our planet. Keep the planet green and we and our next generations will get a beautiful world to live in. The time is not too late to respond together with firmness of determination and goal-oriented strategies and practices to break the shackles of the coming danger.

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Global warming is a serious issue that has brought the world together to fight against it.  In this way, it turns into our obligation to add to saving our planet. Keep the planet green and we and our next ages will get a lovely world to live in. The time is not too late to respond together with firmness of determination and goal-oriented strategies and practices to break the shackles of the coming danger.

Essay on Global Warming: You can use the above points while writing the essay.

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