Myself Essay In English [3]

Myself Essay Writing in about 500 Words in English

Myself Essay writing is not as hard as you think. Just follow some points and read more than two essays on my self examples. Certainly, I can say that you will have an idea that will help you to write the essay. Here I have presented 3 examples of my self-essays. All the essays are limited in words. The first example is about 500 words and you will get some points that will help to think and write sentences. The second example is about 100 words and ten lines. It would be good for the students who study in classes six to ten. 

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Myself Essay

500 Words Paragraph On The Topic 


I am a boy. My name is Omkar Saha. I am fifteen years old. I am from a middle-class family in West Bengal. I live in a beautiful house with my father, mother, grandparent, and younger brother.

My Parents and Family

My father is a teacher at a primary school. He is an honest gentleman. He is well known as a “Master” in our society. He goes to school early in the morning and comes late in the evening. He gives me time on weekends. He plays with me and takes me for outings on Sundays. My mother is a homemaker. She is very responsible. She makes good food for me every day. She too loves me and helps me in my studies. They are satisfied in their life.  My grandparents are very good in nature. They tell us stories while sleeping. We love our grandparents very much. They are very religious and they follow their regular routine.

My School

 I go to a reputed school (Malda District School) nearby. My brother and I study in the same school. I study in class IX. My teacher’s name is Biplab Das. I like him very much. He is a polite and honest man. He teaches us English. His teaching style is unique. I enjoy playing cricket and football in school. Besides these, I learn computer education. I go to a private computer center in the evening. The computer is very interesting to me.

My Hobbies

Catching fish, reading books and gardening are my hobbies. I like outdoor games like cricket and football which I play with my friends in the afternoon on holidays. I like listening to music in my free time and playing video games too. I like to go out to the park to play with my friends on the swings and the slide. There I do bicycling also. At home, I have joined swimming and drawing classes. I enjoy these activities too.

My Room

I sleep in my own room. My room is very small and decorated by my parents. I have hung the picture of Swami Vivekananda, Netaji, Bhagat Singh and many more on the wall. Some quotes of great men written on the page are posted on the wall. Those always give me strength and motivate me.

My Best Friend

I have many friends on my friend list. Their names are Ganesh, Rahul, Soumitra, Gouranga, Tapas, Animes, Sangita, Susmita, Madhumita, Nipa, Sandhya and so on. But my best friend is Animes. He lives in our village and we study in the same school and class. I love my friends and help each other. We share our knowledge, eat something, wander, playing together.     

My Ideal Person

My ideal person is Bhagat Singh. I follow his activities and lifestyle. I respect him a lot.

My Ambition

Everybody has his own ambition in his life. I am not exception. I would like to be a police officer in future. So I study very hard and exercise daily to fulfil my ambition. As a student, I follow a simple daily routine in my life.

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Write An Essay about Myself within 10 lines (About 100 words)

Myself Essay for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 in English


I am Ratan Mukharjee, twelve years old and live in Kolkata.

I study in class VII at Bidhannagar Municipal School.

My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife.

We are seven members like I, my parents, grandparents, younger sister and brother in our family.

My grandfather teaches me how to do meditation every day in the early morning and we walk together in the garden.

We all live with peace and love together.

I have a younger brother and sister and we all go to school together.

Fishing, playing basketball, drawing pictures and listening to music are my hobbies.

My favourite dish is vegetables cooked by my grandmother.

I would like to be a doctor in the future and serve the countrymen with great effort.

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Essay on myself (About 300 words)

Now I am going to introduce myself. My name is Priyanka Roy. I am thirteen years old girl. I was born on 12 March in 2010.

I live in Mumbai with my grandparents, parents, uncle, brother and sister. We have a village house in the Malda district. There I spent two years. After getting the job, we came to Mumbai. My two uncles live in that village. My father is an engineer and my mother is a government service holder. I live in a joint family. We listen to short stories from my grandparents. They read the Mahabharat and the Ramayan daily. 

I study in class VIII in Maa Bharti Public School. I love my school and am proud to be a student of this school. My favorite subject is life science. I go to school daily with my brother. I have many friends in the school. But Sayanika Sinha is my best friend. We share our tiffin with each other and play together during tiffin hours. She helps me and I help her with studies and other matters. 

I have many hobbies. But I am telling the important names. My hobbies are reading, dancing, drawing and swimming. So I read stories book daily. Sometimes I draw different types of pictures.

My favorite dish is biriyani. I like simple food. Every day I get up early morning. I go to the field for exercise. There I run three kilometres, do meditation and so on.  My aim is to be a doctor in the future. So I study very hard to fulfil my ambition. I would like to serve our villagers free of cost.

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